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Results of local elections of March 14

Press Release

March 17, 2010

The YABLOKO party obtained over 11 per cent of votes at the Tula City Duma elections getting the right from three to four mandates.

Also YABLOKOs list got 28.5 per cent of the votes at elections to local legislative assembly of the Solnechny settlement, the Tver region. At present YABLOKOs deputies are forming a faction YABLOKO United Democrats in the municipal parliament.

Olga Kurmanskaya, Chair of Commission for Education, Culture and Social Policies and Anatoly Makarov, pensioner and acting deputy of the Astrakhan City Duma were supported by YABLOKO and became deputies of the Astrakhan City Duma getting 49 per cent and 67 per cent of the votes respectively.
YABLOKOs list at elections to the local assembly of the Nevelsky Area of the Pskov Region was supported by 7.58 per cent of the voters (fourth place). Thus, the party overcomes the barrier and obtains one mandate (as nine mandates out of 17 are distributed in accordance with party lists). Lawyer Svetlana Arsenyeva will become a deputy from YABLOKO.

Three YABLOKOs candidates passed to the municipal assembly of the Nevel city at elections in three-mandate districts: enterepreneur Alexander Arsenyev (who came second with 28.73 per cent of the votes), professor of the Agricultural Academy Vyacheslav Vorobyov (also came second with 23.8 percent) and accountant Yulia Anischenkova (came third with 23.02 per cent). Thus, YABLOKO obtains three mandates out of 15 in the Nevel Municipal Assembly (compared to one mandate in the previous convocation).

Two YABLOKOs candidates were elected deputies of the rural settlement Ust-Dolysskaya Volost in two-mandate districts: teacher and pensioner Ludmila Kozlova (came second with 31.13 per cent) and builder Svetlana Tkachenko (also came second with 39.29 per cent of the votes).

YABLOKOs candidate collage director Sergei Semyonov won the race to the Sebezh local assembly for the second time (45.98 per cent).

Engineer Antonina Vassilyeva was elected deputy of the local assembly of the Porkhov city (came second with 35.2 per cent).

Director of the city history museum Nadezhda Singatullova was elected deputy of the local assembly of the Gdov city (came second with 49.18 per cent).

Pensioner and public activist Vladimir Zabelin was elected deputy of the local assembly of the Polnov district of the Gdov Area (came third with 52.19 per cent).

YABLOKO also got two mandates in the local assembly of the Partizan district of Krasnogorodsky Area. Teacher Svetlana Yakovleva won the race with 61.46 per cent of the votes and director of the local post office Alexandra Timofeyeva came fourth with 39.58 per cent.

The following YABLOKOs candidates became deputies of the local assembly of the Morinsk district of the Dnov Area: veterinarian Tatyana Anisimova (the winner of the race, 63.9 per cent) and entrepreneur Alexei Savelyev (came fourth, 51.22 per cent).

Teacher Lubov Zhiltzova was elected deputy of the local assembly of the Palkin district of the Palkin Area (came third with 41.55 per cent in a five-mandate district).

Shop assistant Ludmila Kolpakova became deputy of the local assembly of the Berezhansk district of the Ostrovsky Area (came fifth in a five-mandate district with 18.6 per cent).
YABLOKO will have two deputies in the Local Assembly of the Krasnokamsky Area of the Perm Region. Svetlana Ivanova obtained over 55 per cent of the votes in her district and acting deputy of the Local assembly Arkady Kolokolov over 57 per cent.
Engineer Vassily Potapov, YABLOKOs leader in Miass of the Chelyabinsk Region, obtained a little less than 50 per cent of the votes and was reelected deputy of the municipal Council of Deputies of Miass.

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Press Release

March 17, 2010