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YABLOKO to dispute the legitimacy of collection of signatures in the Constitutional Court of the RF

Press Release

March 9, 2010

The Supreme Court of the RF refused to annul the decision of the regional electoral commission not to register YABLOKO at elections to the parliament of the Kaluga region. YABLOKO is going to appeal to the Constitutional Court of the RF with a claim to abrogate the norms requiring a number of parties to collect signatures so that to get registration at election campaigns.

YABLOKOs leader Sergei Mitrokhin participated in the hearings in the Supreme Court and said that the decision of the Supreme Court was arbitrary. The Supreme Court did not consider YABLOKOs arguments, Mitrokhin added.

According to Sergei Fadeyev, deputy of the Kaluga Region Duma and one of the leaders of YABLOKOs list, the Kaluga Region Court recognised correction marks with inscriptions alterations approved in the bottom of the list as errors, demanding that such approvals should be located by each of the alterations. However, the law does not envisage such strict requirements.

At the same time the Kaluga Region Court closed eyes on 13 violations of law made by the Electoral Commission at drawing a refusal to register YABLOKO, moreover one violation suffice for recognizing such a decision void, he said.

According to some information President Medvedev during his meeting with Governor of the region Artamonov paid attention to the situation with refusal to register YABLOKO. President noted that this contradicts the provisions of the Presidential Address to the Federal Assembly and his recent speech at the State Council meeting.

Sergei Mitrokhin said that YABLOKO would apply to the Constitutional Court claiming to abrogate the requirement for some parties to collect signatures to get registration in the election campaign. This norm is obviously discriminatory and turns into a blackjack for the executive authority and the United Russia party for their persecutions against political opponents, Mitrokhin added.

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Press Release

March 9, 2010