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Non-registration of YABLOKO in the regional elections: a hypocrisy or a weakness of the presidential power?

Statement of the Bureau of the YABLOKO party

February 27, 2010

Right after President Medvedevs statement made at the State Council meeting on the need to
facilitate political competition and democratization of the political system YABLOKO was cynically and unlawfully withdrawn from elections to the legislative assemblies of the Kaluga and Sverdlovsk regions, the regions where YABLOKO enjoyed considerable support from the electorate.

The signatures collected in support of YABLOKOs election lists were announced invalid on
factitious unlawful grounds. The Chair of the electoral commission of the Sverdlovsk region publicly announced that signatures in support of YABLOKO would be recognised invalid already when YABLOKO had only been collecting these signatures. The electoral commission of the Kaluga region made all it could so that not to allow the leaders of the regional YABLOKO branch to participate in the audit of the signatures.

YABLOKOs lodging complaints of such refusals in courts did not lead anywhere the courts, as well as electoral commissions, refused to examine the evidence submitted by YABLOKOs activists.

These developments demonstrate too well that all the talk of evolution of Russias political system towards democratization and political competition initiated by the President represents a sheer hypocrisy. The other explanation can be reduced to one fact only: we are witnessing political weakness of the President who is unable to ensure implementation of what he has been publicly calling to.

We are demanding from the President of Russia to adopt urgent measures for restoration of the infringed electoral rights of YABLOKOs candidates at elections to the legislative assemblies of the Kaluga and the Sverdlovsk region.

We are also demanding from the President of Russia to immediately submit to the State Duma legislative initiatives on abolishing collection of signatures for all political parties at their registration at elections of all levels and their equal representation in the electoral commissions of all levels.

Sergei Mitrokhin
Chairman of the YABLOKO party


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Statement of the Bureau of the YABLOKO party

February 27, 2010