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Picketing in Ufa: Decent Pensions to the Military Pensioners!

Press Release
March 1, 2010

Picketing for the right of the military pensioners to decent pensions took place in the centre of Ufa (Bashkiria) on February 27.

The picket was organised by the Bashkirian regional branch of the YABLOKO party. The picket was conducted under the slogan Decent Pensions to the Military Pensioners!

In spite of the fact that 30 activists had to participate in the action, the actual number of participants grew to 50. Citizens dissatisfied with the actions of Bashkirian government, administration of Ufa and the law enforcement also joined the picket.

The goal of the picket is to protect the rights of the military pensioners and the constitutional rights of the citizens, said Sergei Naumkin, head of Bashkirian YABLOKO. Military pensioners are today the most violable category of the pensioners. We also invited representatives of the administration and the veterans committees to come to the picket, but they did not come, he added.

The demands of the participants of the picket to the city administration will be handed to the latter this week.

The participants of the picket also collected signatures under the address to President Medvedev, where YABLOKO insisted on the revision of the military pensions towards their increase.

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Human Rights

Press Release

March 1, 2010