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The March of Changes took place in Moscow

Press Release,
May 1, 2010

About 1,200 people participated in the March of Changes organised by YABLOKO on May 1.

The columns of demonstrators with YABLOKOs flags and white balloons marched from the Maly Theatre towards the Lubyanka square. The leaders of the party, human rights activists and ecologists held a slogan For the Changes!

For the Changes! For Russia! For YABLOKO! We are tired of stagnation! No to oligarchia, yes to democracy! chanted the demonstrators. When the columns of demonstrators approached the Federal Security Service building a slogan Away with the power of the KGB! was heard.


The march ended with a rally. Before the rally YABLOKOs activists laid flowers to the Solovetsky Stone (a memorial of the victims of Stalins political reprisals) and also paid tribute to the memory of the victims of the recent terrorists bombing in the Moscow metro.

However, not all the participants of the march could take part in the rally. The police refused to let a large group of YABLOKO supporters to the small park by the Solovetsky Stone stating that this would allegedly threat the safety of the participants of the rally.

Russia has everything for its flourishing: talented people, great cultural heritage and unique nature. However, we have a state which has been acting like that in the Avatar film only in its own interests and when someone interferes it uses force. That is why we are demanding changes, Alexander Gnezdilov, deputy head of the Moscow YABLOKO and the Youth Chamber with the Moscow City Duma, said opening the rally.

We are tired of the bureaucracy which has only one talent replenish their pockets at the expense of the citizens. We are tired that wages and pensions grow only on the threashold of elections. We are tired of the monopoly of one party in the so-called parliament, we are tired of a mockery of justice and law in the so-called court, Sergei Mitrokhin said at the rally.

We have already had stagnation, and it led to the collapse of the USSR. We do not want to repeat this way, we need a modern state, Mitrokhin added.

According to Mitrokhin, all the present talk about modernisation only prepare grounds for the Vladimir Putins second presidential term.

Mitrokhin was supported by YABLOKOs Federal Council member Ivan Bolshakov, We have been hearing only vague promises from the presidents, and Russia has been turning into a third world country with corruption, endless lie and singing praises to tyrants.

Mitrokhin ended his speech by citing YABLOKOs demands, We need a court where a citizen can get a sense of justice. We need a government which will abolish the oil needle and will build a modern economy. We need a president who will not take the rights and liberties away from the nation, who will fight against corruption rather than opposition.

Head of YABLOKOs Soldiers Mothers faction Svetlana Kuznetsova told about the new plans of the Defence Ministry to toughen the rules of military conscription. According to Kuznetsova, this crosses out the statements by the military officials on humanization of the military service. Away with the slavery of conscription! that was who Kuznetsova ended her speech.

Alexei Borschenko, Chair of YABLOKOs Pensioners of Russia faction, spoke about the injustice of Russian pensions.

The leader of the Movement for the Protection of the Khimki Forest Eugeniya Chirikova told that Vladimir Putin began transferring all the forests of the Moscow region to the category of the lands for transport and industry. Chirikova called all who have lungs to oppose the plans of the bureaucrats to make personal fortunes at the expense of health of the Russian citizens.

Valentin Mosolov representing the initiative group of the Rechnik village also spoke at the rally. He thanked Sergei Mitrokhin for drawing the Presidents attention at the State Council meeting to the problem of unlawful destruction of property of the residents of the village

Head of the Fund for Muslims Development Gayar Iskandeyarov spoke about oppressions against national minorities. According to Iskandeyarov, Muslims are in the hardest situation. We are under double pressure the national and the religious pressure, he said.

The leaders of the Moscow Youth YABLOKO Andrei Koshman and Kirill Gontcharov also spoke at the rally. We, young citizens of Russia, love our country and will not allow to vandalise, humiliate and destruct it. We will fight till the end for freedom, justice and changes, Gontcharov said.


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May 1, 2010