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Youth YABLOKO pickets Public Prosecutor General's office demanding to release YABLOKOs activist

Press Release
November 18, 2009

Youth YABLOKO is now picketing Public Prosecutor General's office in Moscow (at the address Bolshaya Dmitrovka, 15a) demanding to release 26 year-old Vladimir Volkov, activist of the Penza branch of the party, detained for 48 hours on suspicion of an arson of United Russias office in Penza.

Youth YABLOKO activists hold a placard Free activist of the Penza branch of YABLOKO Vladimir Volkov. The police have been checking the activists documents, however, have not obstructed the picket yet.

The action will be held until 6 p.m.

Right after an arson of the Penza regional branch of the United Russia party on November 8, flats of seven YABLOKOs activists, Vladimir Volkovs inclusive, were searched by the police. Notebooks, party and publicistic materials, other things having no relation to the arson were confiscated by the police. Yesterday early in the morning Volkov was taken to the police for interrogation. Later the police stated that Volkov would be detained for 48 hours on suspicion of the arson.

Yesterday YABLOKO once again stated that party members could not put United Russias office on fire. We always observe Russian laws in our performance and use only legal methods of political fight, runs the statement by the party leader Sergei Mitrokhin. We assess violence by the law enforcement bodies against our activists as the beginning of a mass-scale campaign of political reprisals.

Sergei Mitrokhin demanded from Public Prosecutor General and the Interior Ministry to interfere into the situation and facilitate immediate release of Vladimir Volkov. It is necessary to stop reprisals of the activists and begin investigation of unlawful actions of the interior with filing criminal cases on the policemen who took part in such actions, runs the document.

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