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YABLOKOs activist detained for 48 hours on suspicion of arson of the United Russia office in Penza

Press Release
November 17, 2009

Activist of the Youth YABLOKO Vladimir Volkov was detained for 48 hours of arson of the United Russia office in Penza. Earlier his flat had been searched.

Today on November 17, 2009, at 9.00 a.m. several persons who told that they were interior officers came to Volkovs flat where he lives with his parents. They asked Volkov to come with them, explaining that his lawyer could come to the interior department where they all would talk.

However, until 2 p.m. neither his parents, nor the lawyer, nor even investigator Ye.Pluzhnikova had no information where Volkov was.

On the lawyers request Public Prosecutor of the Linisky district of Penza called all the police departments, all anti-extremist departments of the interior and the local Federal Security Service department. However, all of them reported that they had not detained Volkov.

At 2 p.m. investigator Pluzhnikova called the lawyer and told that she was interrogating Volkov. Later it came out that Volkov was detained on suspicion of arson in the United Russia office in Penza, the investigator also planned to detain Volkov for 48 hours.

The arson in the Penza office of the United Russia party took place on November 8. Unknown persons threw a petrol bomb into the office window.

These events led to political reprisals and mobbing of oppositional parties and activists by the United Russia party at participation of the interior.

At night on the 8th of October unlawful searches in the homes of YABLOKO members and allies took place. Seven activists were victims of lawlessness. Notebooks, party and publicistic materials, other things having no relation to the arson were confiscated.
On November 8, the YABLOKO party refuted all the suspicions of its members in the arson assessing the statements of the United Russia leaders and the actions of the interior as persecution of the dissenting and intimidation of politically active citizens.
The YABLOKO party demanded from Public Prosecutor General and the Interior Ministry to stop reprisals against the activists and launch investigation of unlawful actions of the interior.

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Press Release
November 17, 2009