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YABLOKOs leader Sergei Mitrokhin sharply criticises the campaign launched by the Nashi movement against journalist Alexander Podrabinek

October 1, 2009

Leader of the YABLOKO party Sergei Mitrokhin sharply criticized the actions of the Nashi movement against journalist and human rights activist Alexander Podrabinek.

Mobbing of Alexander Podrabinek organized by the Nashi movement and accompanied by bullying calls that he should leave Russia is disgusting, and considering the present Russian situation is even dangerous, Sergei Mitrokhin told Interfax on Thursday.

According to Mitrokhin, a broad-scale hatred campaign was organised against a citizen of Russia.
This represents a real threat for the future of the country, and this, rather than a situation around the shop-sign of an already notorious cafe, is of importance (Ed/Interfax, a cafe Anti-Soviet, journalist Alexander Podrabinek wrote about in his article entitled As an Anti-Soviet to an Anti-Soviet in connection with possible dismantling of the sign). However, if there is a hotel called Soviet in Moscow, why there cant be a cafe called Anti-Soviet? Mitrokhin said.

Last week it turned out that Alexander Podrabinek and his family were threatened after publication of his article As an Anti-Soviet to an Anti-Soviet.

The Nashi movement regarded the article as an insult to the veterans of war stating that the movement was going to receive public apology from Podrabinek. From September 29 about 30 activists of the Nashi movement have been conducing termless picketing by Alexander Podrabineks house. In addition the Nashi movement applied to court with a lawsuit demanding that the journalist should apologise, as well as began collection of signatures under an appeal to the Public Prosecutor for filing a suit on a criminal offense against the journalist.
Reporters Without Borders, Russian human rights activists and Vladimir Lukin, Ombudsman of the RF have already expressed their concern about the developments around Alexander Podrabinek.

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October 1, 2009