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Putinjugend on the march

Alexei Melnikovs blog at the Echo Moskvi web-site
September 30, 2009

Those who consider the Nashi (Ours) youth movement and other divisions of Putinjugend being something like the Youth of Russia (Rossiya Molodaya) which resembles the pioneers organisation of the Soviet times or Hilterjugend or Chinese Red Guards are wrong. The aforementioned organisations in their classical period had their views and convictions, they were driven by the fire of the totalitarian ideology. Putinjugend does not have any views, they have only hypocrisy. This is the most flaring phenomenon for those who would like to single out the key feature of Russias authoritarian regime.

Here we can see its bare hypocrisy everywhere: from preposterous colours, actions, slogans and words. If the successors and all their system represent a parody of Soviet times, the Putinjugend is a double parody.
Yesterday they raged by the Estonian Embassy and today they put out posts by the flat of journalist Podrabinek chasing him, tomorrow they may run to the Polands mission to express their protest against comparing the communist and the Nazi symbols.

How many of such forlorn young people are there? Our unhappy compatriots involved into Putinjugend by the promises a carrier and money? Those who had to study and to read books by Viktor Astafyev, moreover the leader of their movement Vladimir Putin had laid flowers on Astafyevs grave several years ago the writer who had called Marshall Zhukov (Ed. a prominent Marshall under Stalin and an icon of Stalinists, many veterans of the war accuse him of negligence and indifference to soldiers lives) a slaughterer of the Russian people, rather than mobbing journalist Podrabinek. Maybe they could view everything in a different light after they have read Astafyevs books. Maybe they could acquire views and convictions, some moral and ethical views.
Such moral debauchery of young people which implies a key mindset not to think, but to follow after the authoritarian leaders is a dangerous phenomenon. Such drop of morals of the young people would be impossible if the authorities had not corrupted part of the young people using the possibilities they have. The free society which exists in our country and joins together teachers, academics, journalists, civil organisations, the liberal democratic opposition, all the intelligent people has the task not to let the authoritarian regime to tread down the souls of the young people. This can be done if our compatriots develop a habit to think, study Russian history and find moral guidelines in it.

Putinjugend can march together with its leaders only in one direction to nowhere. Their past is decay. Their future is nothing. Their country has no name. Therefore, to win over the authoritarian regime in the fight for the souls of the young means to win Russias future, to win Russia itself.

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Alexei Melnikovs blog at the Echo Moskvi web-site
September 30, 2009