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YABLOKOs leader proposes a joint Russia-US BMD project at the meeting with Barack Obama

Press Release, July 7, 2009

Strategic partnership and a joint Russia-US BMD system were the key points of Sergei Mitrokhins speech at the meeting with US President Barack Obama which took place in Moscow today, on July 7.

Speaking about the possibilities of implementation of the strategic partnership idea Sergei Mitrokhin noted that today we have a favourable moment for supporting the idea with real actions.

Cooperation in solution of international and global problems in many fields is on the agenda now. We think that such cooperation could become a real alternative to the neoimperialist projects and approaches that are today en vogue with the Russian political and military elite, Mitorkhin noted in his speech.

According to Mitrokhin, whether Russias global ambitions are realised via cooperation with the West or a confrontation largely depends on the USA at present. Not only the West, but also Russias democracy, which can not develop in the suffocative atmosphere of anti-Western and anti-American policies and confrontation with the outside world on all the fighting lines, will lose from the confrontation.

YABLOKOs leader stressed that a joint Russian-US BMD is urgently required today and also pointed out that Such a BMD system is the most efficient project of all possible BMD systems, as it unites over common goals the two largest world nuclear potentials.

Everyone can recall what an abyss of distrust the USA and the USSR had to overcome for a victory over fascism, which was the largest challenge to the mankind in the 20th century. Today we have to overcome a lesser distrust so that Russia-US strategic union in the field of security could protect the world from the nuclear threats of the 21st century, Sergei Mitrokhin concluded.

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Press Release, July 7, 2009