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Russias Borders as a Communist Crime

Sergei Mitrokhins blog at the Echo Moskvi web-site

January 15, 2010

Ukrainian President Viktor Yuschenko put forward an initiative to call an international tribunal on the crimes of communism.

I think that his initiative should be completely supported by the Russian leaders. This would be a good method to finally give a distinct state assessment to the criminal acts of Bolsheviks communists.

Certainly it would be better if we could initiate such a tribunal in our country. As despite the Famine genocide, the Russian nation and other nations living in Russia suffered far more from the Bolshevik-Stalinist genocide than the Ukrainian nation.

Speaking about crimes against people, I should point out that they took place not only in the form of genocide. Maybe Viktor Yuschenko did not think about this, as if he did he would not propose such an idea.

Artificial division of nations conducted throughout the Soviet history is a crime. Maybe not so grave as genocide, but nonetheless a crime.

Separation of nations without referendums or other forms allowing them to demonstrate their will constitutes a crime. Nikita Khruschyovs arbitrary rule in transfer of Crimea to Ukraine is an especially cynical criminal act.

The initiators of the Belovezh agreements (Ed. The hasty agreements between the heads of Russia, Ukraine and Byelorussia on creation of the CIS) are also culprits here, but they acted on a legitimate basis prepared by the communists. I had a chance to word this out in the State Duma in 1999 during discussion of impeachment to Boris Yeltsin.

If such a tribunal is objective, it should consider national-territorial aspects of the crimes of communism. In this case it should sentence not only criminals but criminal borders too.

However the latter is impossible within the framework of a domestic tribunal.

However, Germany showed an example of annulment of internationally recognised borders for German reunification in 1989.

A nation responsible for fascism and loosing the Second World War had obtained a right to reunification two years before the nation winning over fascism finally lost this right.

Maybe all this is not that final? Is it possible to amend such a glaring historical injustice? The question directly addresses the international tribunal on the communist crimes.

And if such tribunal is consistent and objective, it can amend the consequences of the crimes of communism.

Unfortunately it is impossible to bring back to life the victims of the terror, however, it is possible to return to the nations the lands taken from them. This should be done not by force or with the help of war, but by means of decisions of the international community based on the legitimate will of the people. However, it makes sense to create such a tribunal only after the power bodies [in Russia] begin to be formed in a democratic way rather than via fraudulent elections. In the opposite Russias participation in such a tribunal wont be legitimate.

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Sergei Mitrokhins blog at the Echo Moskvi web-site

January 15, 2010