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Books by Grigory Yavlinsky
Economics and Politics in Russia
The Center for Economic and Political Research (EPIcenter)
Nizhni Novgorod-Moscow, 1992
CHAPTER 2. The New Policies of the Administration.

1.5. Actions

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There is no doubt that for the achievement of positive results in Russia, it is important that the federal administration take an active involvement in forming the conditions. But such action entails a decisive change in many establishments and a rejection of stereotypes.

In this section of the work, we will try to examine closely the new positions of the central powers in the most important areas: economic and social spheres. Finally, we will focus special attention on the novelty of the problems and their overall meaning.

2.1 The Course of Economic Policy

The process described in the previous chapter will seriously depend on what changes occur in the economy. Although in this area it seems difficult to see glimmers of hope, we shall formulate a very general view that the federal administration can create a positive macroeconomic policy.

It is clear that the important economic changes are occurring more at a regional level. Given this, the economic policy of the federal administration is very important. Everyone in Russia, including the administration, is saying that the current policy course must be changed. In our view, the initial point of policy formulation should be neither pressure on separate groups (directors of factories, or manufacturers) nor compromise (agrarian and territorial), but the understanding of a qualitatively different state of the country and economy.

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