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Komsomolskaya Pravda, June 4, 2003

YABLOKO Decides to Help to Small Cities
Grigory Yavlinsky organises celebrations for the 300th anniversary of Belaya Kalitva.

By Sergei Andreyev

After St. Petersburg another Russian city is preparing to celebrate its 300th anniversary. This is a small city, Belaya Kalitva, situated in Rostov region. The city was visited by Chairman of the YABLOKO party Grigory Yavlinsky during his trip to Rostov region, when he promised to help with the preparations of the celebrations.

This was clearly no chance visit by a well-known Moscow politician to a provincial city. Yavlinsky issued a statement to the effect that his party had initiated development of the programme for the economic revival of small and medium-size cities of Russia. According to YABLOKO's leader, the government has virtually left the residents of these cities to the mercy of fate. The federal programme in their support was virtually curbed. The living standards in small and medium-sized cities of Russia are extremely low, and there is no sign of improvement in the situation. And this is one of the reasons why YABLOKO demands the resignation of the Cabinet.

According to Yavlinsky, the programme prepared by YABLOKO will include three main blocs: development of support actions for small and medium-sized cities at federal level, as well as at federal subject level and specific proposals for about 250 small and medium-sized cities, including

Belaya Kalitva.

YABLOKO plans to submit the programme to the President, region land local authority and the public in autumn.


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Komsomolskaya Pravda, June 4, 2003

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