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Gazeta.ru, September 19, 2003

Europe Recognises Russian Education

By Lera Arsenina

Russia has officially joined the process of creating a single European higher education space. In other words by 2010 the diplomas of Russian universities will be recognized in Europe, education will be assessed in accordance with the European scale and Russia will have more opportunities to make money on teaching foreign students.

The Berlin conference of European education ministers which closed on Friday adopted a decision to admit Russia to the Bologna process. The goal is to create by 2010 a single European space for higher education, envisaging mutual recognition of university diplomas and other general standards in higher education. At the meeting Russia was represented by Education Minister Vladimir Filippov, Chairman of the State Duma Committee for Education and Science Alexander Shishlov and the rectors of leading Russian universities.

Shishlov informed Gazeta.ru, that after the closing of the conference its participants approved a decision to admit Russia and another six European states that previously had observer status to the Bologna process.

The final communique of the conference indicates that now 40 countries participate in the creation of a single education space in Europe. They include almost all the Western-European states, Turkey, Cyprus and Malta. Among the former Soviet republics Russia and all the Baltic states joined the process. "By signing the declaration to join the Bologna process, Russia has made another step forward in its integration into Europe. The participation of the country in the Bologna process meets the interests of Russian students, teachers and universities," stressed Shishlov.

According to the terms of the Bologna club, the participating states undertake to reform their higher education systems by 2010 in compliance with a single standard.

They have to introduce two stages of education in universities- Baccalaureate and Magistrate,- control the quality and certification of higher education in accordance with a single scheme, develop educational programmes compatible with the programmes of other European universities - members of the club, as well as a single assessment of the academic merits of students. Due to the reforms the citizens of the member-states of the Bologna process will have a chance to study and work in other European countries where their diplomas are recognized.

An expansion of opportunities is envisaged not only for active students but also for those who would like to take a postgraduate or distance-learning education course.

As a fully-fledged participant of the process, Russia have to bring its legal basis in education into line with the demands of [European] reform. Shishlov also noted that in some spheres Russian legislation is even ahead of the laws of other countries, for example, it already envisages a two-stage education system, whereas a third of participants inthe Bologna process have yet to impose this system. Modernisation of the Russian higher education system, including the introduction of a single state examination, are in line with the Bologna process, stressed Shishlov.

With the help of a single space for higher education, Russia wants to raise the quality and accessibility of education and become a competitor to the US that has ranked number one on the higher education market. According to experts, the value of this market amounts to dozens of millions of US dollars, therefore it stands to reason that Russia should try to win market share.

It is also envisaged that if Russian universities issue European standard diplomas, a new revenue item will emerge in the Russian budget - revenues from granting paid educational services to foreigners. At the same time it is clear that an increase in the level of higher education will necessitate considerable funding, to say nothing of organisational expenses.

The next conference of the participants of the Bologna club scheduled to be held in Bergen, Norway, in May 2005, will draw up the results of the performance of the working groups in such directions as recognition of diplomas and additional education.


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Gazeta.ru, September 19, 2003

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