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RIA Novosti, September 8, 2003

Ratification of the Kyoto Protocol Will Help Russia to Attract Vast Investments into Industry

Moscow, September 8, 2003. (RIA Novosti) - By ratifying the Kyoto Protocol, encouraging green house gas emission reduction, Russia will manage to attract considerable investments in its economy, Viktor Danilov-Danilyan, Director of the Institute of Water Problems of the Russian Academy of Sciences and Corresponding Member of the Academy, said at conference at RIA Novosti on Monday.

As well as restrictions, there are separate programmes to implement jointly, he elaborated. Investors allocate funds to modernise and re-equip enterprises and make a profit from the amount saved from the gas emission reductions.

Investment projects of this kind are being discussed with Denmark and Holland, the scientist pointed out. "But not a single country will consent to such a project with Russia unless we ratify the Kyoto Protocol," the expert stressed.

Danilov-Danilyan described an opinion that restrictions on green house gas emissions might hinder the development of the Russian economy as absolutely wrong, noting that the quotas imposed were 30% higher than the amounts Russia emitted.

"We must keep stay the rate of 1990, when the country's level of production was high, the expert specified. "Now we cannot achieve such a capacity, with our outdated equipment. But when innovations are introduced, green house gas emissions will decrease significantly," the expert believes.


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