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Novaya Gazeta

Grigory Yavlinsky: Programme "50" successfully achieved

April 11, 2002

Russian politics for an outsider looks like a panopticum, where you can see all types of monsters. There are monsters that can devour a whole economic sector in an instant, people who like weather-vanes start rotating speedily at the smallest breeze from the Kremlin, millionaires with Versace ties continuously struggling to raise the living standards of ordinary Russian citizens…

Grigory Yavlinsky is surprising here, as he remains a normal person in this crazy crowd. He somehow manages to stay different in such a caustic and acid milieu. He is a wonder in politics, as he preserves the features that are most unbecoming in such a world: the ability to clearly state what he thinks, not to betray himself or the people who vote for him. On the political scene he represents the people who still believe that politics do not necessarily equate to meanness.

For the past ten years in Russia's history Yavlinsky has always represented an alternative. At every moment, on every fork of the road he had the intelligence and courage to say and prove that there is another way out. That it is possible to rebuild the economy in a different way - so that millions of able-bodied people are not transformed into indigents. That the Chechen problem can be resolved in a different way - so that you don't have to destroy your own towns. That it is possible to rebuild Russia without blood, lies and robbery - in a different way.

This intelligent man demonstrates to us the experience of independence. It is possible to be different. It is possible not to let cynicism tear you apart. It is possible to engage in your favourite business and succeed.

Congratulations, Grigory Alexeevich!

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Novaya Gazeta, April 11, 2002

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