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Yabloko proposes establishment of a State Duma commission to investigate the situation around “Kursk”


RBC, 21.08.2000
Moscow 14:12:44
Deputy Head of the Yabloko faction in the State Duma, Sergei Ivanenko, thinks that a special commission should be formed up in the State Duma to investigate the situation around the “Kursk” submarine. According to an exclusive interview with RBC today, Yabloko will insist on a parliamentary investigation into this situation to obtain answers to the questions as to what was decided, who decided and how was it decided that people's lives should be saved.

According to Ivanenko, the circumstances surrounding the loss of the submarine and especially the rescue mission must be investigated in miniscule detail, in order to able to assess the decisions taken by the officials. Only then will it be possible to decide what really happened there, added Ivanenko. According to Ivanenko, the wave of criticism of the President has swelled in society and the situation with the submarine is bound to adversely affect the reputation of the executive authorities.

According to Ivanenko, today the most important task is to provide society with honest and precise answers on all questions, so that nobody can presume that “someone is protecting the regimental honour and shielding the lack of competence of the military leadership.

Ivanenko added: “The key issue is what the President did to save people's lives, rather than his location at the time. Today noone can be certain of either issue”.




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