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The Russian United Democratic Party YABLOKO

February 2013

Ideology: liberal, democratic.

Participation in international organisations: full member of the Liberal International since 2002 and member of the ELDR party since 2006.


The party was organised in December 2001 on the basis of all-Russia public political organisation the Yabloko Association (the latter based on the electoral bloc Yabloko formed in 1993 by democratic parties and public associations).

Yabloko had a parliamentary faction in the State Duma of 1 – 3 convocations.

The founder and Chair of the party (until 2008) Grigory Yavlinsky came fourth and third in presidential elections of 1996 and 2000, respectively.

YABLOKO consistently opposed criminal Russian privatization of 1990s, loans-for-shares auctions and the war in Chechnya and violation of human rights. YABLOKO and the Green Russia faction opposed nuclear waste imports into Russia, and was largely engaged in the protection of environment.

The party offered to the society and the government several programmes and action plans including The Democratic Manifesto, The Road Map of the Russian Reforms (a plan for overcoming the consequences of the criminal privatization and dismantling of the oligarchic capitalism) and Seven Steps Towards Equal Opportunities.

At present
The party has 56,142 members, 76 regional organisations and over 600 local organisations.

Chairman: Sergei Mitrokhin.

Political Committee is comprised of 16 people, including Grigory Yavlinsky, party founder, Sergei Mitrokhin, party Chairman, Sergei Ivanenko, Igor Artemyev, Chair of the Russian Anti-Monopoly Service, Alexei Yablokov, head of the Green Russian faction and member of the Russian Academy of Science, Yelena Dubrovina, member of the Central Electoral Commission, Alexei Arbatov, head of the International Security Centre of the Academy of Science and member of the Russian Academy of Science, human rights activists Sergei Kovalyov and Valery Borschyov, Anatoly Leirikh, member of the Business Russia Council, Eugeny Bunimovich, Moscow Ombudsman on Children, Mikhail Amosov, Professor of St.Petersburg University, Vassily Popov, entrepreneur, Boris Misnik, coordinator, Emiliya Slabunova, deputy of the Karelian parliament, and Viktor Sheinis, one of the authors of the Russian Constitution.is comprised of 12 people, including Grigory Yavlinsky, Sergei Ivanenko, Igor Artemyev (Chair of the Russian Anti-Monopoly Service), Elena Dubrovina (member of the Central Electoral Commission), Alexei Arbatov and Alexei Yablokov (members of the Russian Academy of Science) and human rights activist Sergei Kovalyov.

Deputies of local self-governing: 52
Deputies of legislative assemblies: 6

The party has the following factions (each of them has branches in at least 26 Russian regions and cooperates with other public organisations in this field): the Green Russia, Soldiers’ Mothers, Human Rights, Women’s (Gender) faction, Youth faction, Socio-Democratic faction, Entrepreneurs’ faction (small business) and Pensioners' faction.

YABLOKO also cooperates with new civil initiatives and public organisations protecting human rights in the social sphere.

December 2010