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YABLOKOs Political Platform

Adopted by the 15th Congress of the party
June 21, 2008

The congress of the Russian United Democratic Party YABLOKO considers it necessary to preserve and further develop our party as an independent political structure.

We created YABLOKO as an alternative to the policies discrediting democracy and democrats in the eyes of the majority of the population of the country.

The fundamental values of our party are as follows: morals, freedom, universal justice, European democracy and active political fight against corruption, oligarchy, Stalinism and nationalism.

Today YABLOKOs historically evolving programme serves as a basis for formation of a responsible political democratic opposition and a pithy democratic alternative to the authoritarian regime which began to form in 1993 1996 and finally shaped and strengthened during Vladimir Putins presidency.

Authoritarian lawless policies maintained after presidential elections of 2008 at all its seeming well-doing dooms the country to non-competitiveness in a fast changing and very complicated world and the society to irreversible retardation, as well as questions Russias existence as an independent state in the 21 century.

The key problems of Vladimir Putin Dmitry Medvedev policies is a purposeful rejection of justice, freedom, democracy and, consequently, equal opportunities for Russias citizens and systematic violation of their rights and freedoms.

YABLOKO is a democratic opposition to the authoritarian regime, it voices honest and uncompromised assessments and opposes dismantling of democratic institutions, violation of human rights and nationalistic and chauvinistic campaigns.

Today we are first of all striving at the freedom of speech and an opportunity to conduct a real discussion on a broad spectrum of Russias problems. Free elections with independent control over the campaign, voting and counting of the votes are possible only this basis.

Such methods of change of power as provocation of a crisis that would be devastating for the country or a revolution are unacceptable for us. YABLOKO is categorically against the goal justifies the means principle. We are also against the worse is better concept.

We assume that our country needs deep and evolutionary changes implying steady work on behalf of pithy democratic opposition. We think that the main form of the partys activities is pithy professional work which has always been YABLOKOs advantage.

We realise that political evolution requires a dialogue with the authorities, including work in legislative and executive bodies of power. Thereby assessments of the governments acts should be clear, uncompromised, public and open. Protection of the right of the Russian citizens to freedom, their civil, social and political rights can not be an object of a compromise.

We also consider it necessary that our party should participate in the elections on all the levels.

Acts of protest or actions targeted at protection of civil rights form an integral part of our work. As a rule, such are carried out within the framework of law, however, in case of emergency unsanctioned peaceful actions for protection of civil rights are possible.

Formation of a broader coalition of democratic opposition on the basis of YABLOKO is possible at preservation of the values, as well as fundamental and substantial (programme) succession.

We also think that the difference between the ideology YABLOKO bases upon and the views of the ideologists and those who administrated the policies of 1990s as well as their successors is crucial. Democratic opposition can establish a dialogue with the society today only provided it formulates a well-defined attitude to the reforms of 1990s, the persons and organisations responsible for such reforms.

YABLOKO is an anti-oligarhic party. We think that in 1990s politics was aggressively subordinated by the business for the sake of high profits. Today political appointees, state officials and representatives of the interior, the security and the military are aggressively seizing businesses, also for the sake of high profits.

In general we presume that in 1990s the country moved in a historically right direction, however, this was aggravated by bad errors and even crimes. Many positive developments have been taking place in the country in the recent years, nevertheless the general political course is incorrect.

The system remains essentially the same. The democratic opposition should fight for dismantling of the oligarchic system and real justice which once again has been trampled down in Russia, rather than combating against some oligarchs in the interests of other oligarchs ousted from the pork barrel.

Any collaboration or joint political actions with nationalists, neo-Nazis, neo-Bolshevisks or stalinists who have been our political opponents since formation of our party is unacceptable for us. We think that participation in joint political, organisational or public events with National Bolsheviks, nationalists or Stalinists, or attempts of creation of joint political structures together with the figures who politically and publicly participated in corruption and crimes of 1990s may bring serious political harm to our party. Any financial support rendered to our party or political actions conducted by our party by those regarding provocations as a political norm and giving money for such goals, or on behalf of oligarchic structures based abroad is inadmissible. Personal cooperation at preservation of ones personal stance with the persons of alien ideologies is unavoidable and admissible only within the framework of the state agencies or work collectives: we havent chosen the country we live in, we havent chosen the work collectives we work in. It is impossible and harmful to create or participate in any structures for such unnatural cooperation.

The key trend of our development lies in joining together active representatives of the society, maintaining the course launched by our merger with the Green Russia party or the Soldiers Mothers and formation of corresponding factions.

Inter-party democracy is based on creation of factions, free and competitive elections of the Chairperson and the governing bodies of the party, where any party member can participate. Discussions and different points of view are welcomed in the party, however, the key political decisions adopted by the party should be observed by all the members.

On the decision of the governing bodies of the party, participation of YABLOKOs members in the state governing bodies is possible on condition that they can further maintain their political views and experiences, have a possibility to voice and apply them in their state service. Going to the government for the sake of carrier or on other personal mercenary motives has always been and will be rejected by us.

The Russian United Democratic Party YABLOKO is opened for all democratically minded people sharing our principles and the programme.


Adopted by the 15th Congress of the party
June 21, 2008