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YABLOKO launched a lawsuit for the return of other parties' votes stolen at the parliamentary elections

Press Release

January 31, 2012

On Wednesday, February 1, the Tushino District Court will examine YABLOKOs lawsuit. YABLOKO demands that the results of the voting at polling station No 2827 should be cancelled. It should be noted that YABLOKO lawyers have no complaints about YABLOKOs votes at this polling station, the data in the observers protocols and the final data from the Central Electoral Commission coincide. But there are discrepancies in the votes cast for the LDR, Just Russia, United Russia, the Right Cause and Patriots of Russia parties.

Thus, an observers protocol (certified by the Chair of the Precinct Electoral Commission) ran that the Just Russia party obtained 290 votes (201 vote according to the Central Electoral Commission). The discrepancy in votes for Vladimir Zhirinovskys LDPR party amounted to 32 votes (142 against 108 votes), 15 votes for the Patriots of Russia (29 against 14 votes), the vote for the Right Cause was worsened by half (from 14 to 7 votes). However, the ruling United Russia improved its total vote (from 506 votes on the protocol of the observer to 651 vote, according to official data of the CEC). The votes for the Communist Party and YABLOKO remained unchanged.

"Probably, the election committee members thought that YABLOKO and the Communist Party can go to courts only if their interests are affected. And they decided to "modify" the results of other parties," said YABLOKOs lawyers. There are also discrepancies in the numbers of canceled and absentee ballots.

The trial will begin 10:30 am

Address: ulitsa Svobodi, 12/8

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Press Release

January 31, 2012

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