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YABLOKO distributed about 5,000 leaflets among the participants of the Great White Ring action with information on observation of the presidential elections

Press Release

February 26, 2012

The YABLOKO party supported the Great White Ring action with an automobile race in the inner part of the Garden Ring in Moscow.

Several dozens of vehicles participated in the race. The cars were decorated with stickers For Fair Elections, white ribbons (a symbol of fight for democracy and free and fair elections) and flags with party symbols.

Party members made several stops during the race so that to distribute leaflets calling the democratic voters to become observers at the forthcoming presidential elections. Trainings for observers are held daily in the YABLOKO headquarters. About 5,000 leaflets were distributed in two hours.

Sergei Mitrokhin, YABLOKO leader, also participated in the action. When he came out of his car in Zubovsky Boulevard so that to hand out leaflets to the participants of the action, he was attacked by a group of aggressive young men with signs "For Putin." They stood hand in hand blocking Mitrokhin. Mitrokhin had to go to the road so that to get rid of them.

Putin's supporters.

"I believe that our action was successful. People greeted us, eagerly took our leaflets with information on how to become an observer, Mitrokhin said. He also added that Putin's supporters failed, "They managed to create a human chain only along a tiny part of the Garden Ring."

"The provocation did not affect our mood. We all felt positive energy," Mitrokhin concluded.

More Photographs at the Russian web-site of YABLOKO


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February 26, 2012

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