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February 23 is Maxim Petlins day

February 23, 2012

Unfortunately we have such a situation in our country when those who defend their Motherland and celebrate their professional holiday on February 23 should be defended from this Motherland.

On February 21 custody for Maxim Petlin, leader of Ekaterinburg YABLOKO, was extended once again.

At present maxim Petlin, MP of Ekaterinburg City Parliament and leader of YABLOKOs regional branch, is in the hospital of the detention facility. He has a kidney problem. Probably his state deteriorated as he was kept in a prison guards cold room which had no heating.

We are wishing Maxim health and strength. We hope and wait that soon Maxim will return to his family and public work. Russia needs such strong and honest people.

Maxim, the Defender of the Motherland holiday of February 23 is your holiday!

Sergei Mitrokhin,
YABLOKO leader

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February 23, 2012

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