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YABLOKO begins trainings for election observers

Press Release

February 15, 2012

The YABLOKO party begins training of observers for presidential and municipal elections in its Moscow office. The first seminar held on Monday evening was held for future trainers of observers. The event was attended by 25 people. They will train observers in Moscow and other regions.

From February 20 through to March 2 there will be daily trainings. The trainings start at 19:00 on weekdays and at 15:00 and 18:00 on weekends.

To participate in the training one have to send an application via YABLOKO web-site. Registration for todays training is already closed over 90 people have already signed up for the training within two hours. YABLOKO web-site and Rosvybory project will broadcast the training live.

Not only YABLOKO observers but also observers (who will get accreditation from the YABLOKO Rossii newspaper) from other candidates and public projects will be able to participate in the training.

YABLOKO co-operates with all public projects for elections monitoring, in particular, YABLOKO will provide them party offices in Moscow and the regions.

Thus, Rosvybory project has begun distribution of its documentation to its observers in YABLOKOs Moscow office. Observers from Rosvybory receive documents from the headquarters of presidential candidates. (Note for the Rosvybory observers: you should come for the documents only after receipt of a notification that your documents are ready.)

YABLOKO also collaborates with the Voters League (Liga Izbiratelei). Reception desks of the Voters League will be opened in YABLOKOs offices nationwide soon. Volunteers will be able to get their accreditation from the media there after a short training. Collection of observers reports within the framework of a joint nationwide project "Final Summarised Protocol" will be also conducted in the same YABLOKO offices.

Despite the fact that candidate from the YABLOKO party at presidential elections Grigory Yavlinsky was not registered as a presidential candidate, the party intends to seriously engage in organisation of elections control. Professionals who trained the party observers who were acknowledged to be most qualified work in YABLOKO, they also helped prepare applications to courts in hundreds of cases of election fraud.

On election day YABLOKO together with the Voters League, Rosvybory project and The Citizen Observer will organize a hot line for help to observers and teams for rapid response to violations will be created.

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Press Release

February 15, 2012

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