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The leader of the Dagestan branch of YABLOKO: the police are lying about the break of the cordon so that to justify their unlawful actions

Press Release

December 27, 2012

The police released Artur Babayev, leader of the Dagestan branch of YABLOKO, who had been previously detained in Makhachkala. The politician stated that the press service of the republican Interior Ministry lied that he had allegedly tried to break through the cordons into the building. Allegedly the building was cordoned as explosives had been found in the roof.

In the afternoon when Babayev came to work to the party office, the block of flats where the office is located was surrounded by police cordons. Babayev asked the police about the reasons of the police cordons. Then one of the police officers ordered to detain Babayev and get him to the Leninsky police department.

"I explained to the police that our office is in this building and that I had an appointment. I simply asked them to tell me what had happened, Babayev said. I'm not a kamikaze to break through a chain of 25 gunmen," he added.

Later there came information that a package with explosives had been found in the roof of the building.

A police officer in the police department took Babayevs fingerprints and photographed him allegedly "on suspicion of the previously committed crimes". In his report the policeman who brought Babayev to the police department wrote an obvious lie that the politician had tried to break the cordon". Later this lie was broadcasted by the Interior Ministry.

Later Babayev was released, but the police refused to give him any documents proving the fact of his detention.

YABLOKO is considering the possibility to appeal against the police actions, as the law envisaged that only those "suspected of committing a crime, accused of a crime, convicted of a crime or subject to administrative arrest" are subjects to mandatory fingerprinting.


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Leader of the Dagestan branch of YABLOKO detained and the party's office in Makhachkala is surrounded by police cordons. Press Release, December 27, 2012.



Press Release

December 27, 2012

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