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The Supreme Court authorised a total wiretapping of the opposition leaders

Statement by YABLOKO Chairman

December 13, 2012

The Supreme Court of the RF adopted a resolution announcing wiretapping of any opposition member absolutely lawful.

The resolution was adopted on the Maxim Petlin case. The highest court recognised the sanction of the court on listening to Petlins telephone conversations and spying on him lawful, as he is member of the YABLOKO party.

The decision of the Supreme Court, which will clearly form a precedent for the entire court system was based only on Petlins participation in the work of the YABLOKO party and, therefore, can be applied to any member of our or any other opposition party.

The court ruled out that participation in the activities of a political party held "some evidence of crime as envisaged by Article 280 of the Criminal Code [namely] "public calls for extremist activities".

Indeed, the YABLOKO party, as was indicated by the court, was aiming at changing the Putin-Medvedev regime organizing protest actions, and, which is the worst thing, giving a negative assessment to the "broadening of the proxies of the Federal Security Service of Russia.

A criminal case against Maxim Petlin was fabricated exactly with the help of wiretapping.

YABLOKO considers the aforementioned judicial act unlawful and triggering another round of persecution against the opposition.

YABLOKO demands:

1. From the Supreme Court: to adopt a resolution of the Plenary Assembly specifying in what cases the issue of wiretapping of public and political figures may be raised.
2. From Public Prosecutor General's Office: to submit a protest to the Supreme Courts ruling.

Sergei Mitrokhin,
YABLOKO Chairman

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December 13, 2012

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