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Reduction of budget funding for treatment of cancer patients means genocide!

Statement by the Social Democratic Faction of the Russian United Democratic Party YABLOKO

December 12, 2012

We are outraged by the statement made by Maxim Mishchenko, leader of the [pro-Kremlin] Young Russia movement, on the need to reduce budget expenditure on treatment of cancer patients. The former MP from the United Russia faction intends to introduce his criminal initiative at the hearings of the Public Chamber devoted to paid medical services, after which he intends to send the draft to the Ministry of Healthcare.

We regard the initiative proposed by the leader of United Russia's youth organisation as an open manifestation of fascism and violation of the Constitution of the Russian Federation guaranteeing all citizens the right to life and free health care.

We demand that the ruling party stop its mockery of Russias people and the attack on the right of citizens to high-quality free education and free health care, as well as curbing of the social responsibilities of the state taking place against the background of an unprecedented in Russia's history growth of oil and gas revenues.

While Norway, Iceland and Germany are spending over 9 per cent of their budgets to health care, in Russia the share of budget expenditures on health care amounted to only 4.4 per cent in 2012. In the UK, mentioned by Mishchenko, the costs of the pharmaceuticals prescribed to a patient by a doctor are covered by the state. In Norway, if a family expenditure on medicine exceeds 500, these costs are redeemed by the state.

We do not understand why the President, who is the guarantor of constitutional rights and freedoms of citizens, the Government of the Russian Federation and Public Prosecutor General's Office do not give their assessment to such an initiative.

We are appealing to all the citizens of Russia: let us unite so that to rebuff the antihuman "projects" of the ruling party, which are virtually calling for genocide of Russian citizens as of their physical condition and their incomes. We must not let Adolf Hitler's "purges on the disabled" happen again.

Anatoly Golov,
Yevgeny Konovalov,
Alexander Kuznetsov,

Co-Chairs of the faction

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December 12, 2012

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