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YABLOKOs candidate for the post of the head of the Krymsk District in the South Russia is removed from elections due to a provocation from the authorities

Press Release

December 4, 2012

YABLOKOs candidate for the post of the head of the Krymsk District in the South Russia, removed from elections due to a sly provocation from the authorities

A few days ago the Krymsk District Court imposed a fine amounting to RUR 2,000 on a Mr.Petrenko, who pretended to campaign for Yugeny Vitishko distributing food-stuff allegedly on behalf of Vitishko. Vitishko did not know the campaigner and therefore did not interfere into the trial or challenge the courts decision.
However, due to this decision, the Court was able to remove Vitishko from the elections because bribing of voters was allegedly conducted on behalf of Vitishko. This decision was made by Judge Galina Yurchevskaya on December 4.

"The regional government are well aware of the voters attitude to them, that is why they need quiet and peaceful elections, and so that Acting district head Anatoly Razumov is elected quietly. Such methods of ousting the opponents at elections with the help of third persons giving false evidence were widely used in 1990s. It turns out they are en vogue with the authorities now, " said Vitishko.

Vitishko has not received the text of the decision from the court yet and, therefore, he still can not appeal against it to a higher court, while the voting day is very close -December 9.

Elections of the head of the Krymsk region of the Krasnodar Region will be held this Sunday, on December 9. The candidates are Anatoly Razumov, acting head of the municipality and member of the ruling United Russia party, Community, United Russia, Dmitry Pechinsky, a 23-year-old unemployed representing the Communists of Russia party, Alexander Gomalitsky, a self-nominee presently working as a controller of technical condition of vehicles, and Gennady Frizorger, a representative of the Civil Force party.

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Press Release

December 4, 2012

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