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Members of Central Electoral Commission representing the YABLOKO party say that commission head should resign

Press Release

January 12, 2012

Yelena Dubrovina, member of Central Electoral Commission from the YABLOKO party, voted for introduction of the issue of resignation of Vladimir Churov, head of the Central Electoral Commission, into the agenda of the commission. Most of the commission members (including members from the Just Russia and Vladimir Zhirinovskys LDPR) voted against this proposal.

Kirilll Serdyukov, commission member from the CPRF with a deliberative vote, initiated this issue. Head of the Central Electoral Commission said that it should be voted whether this issue should be introduced into the agenda.

Only Yelena Dubrovina from YABLOKO and Eugeni Kolushin from CPRF voted in favour of this proposal.

Other 13 commission members, including representative of the Just Russia Sergei Danilyenko and Oleg Lavrov from LDPR voted against this.

After this voting Boris Moiseyev, commission member from YABLOKO with a deliberative vote, asked the commission members to introduce the issue Miscellaneous into the agenda. Speaking within the framework of this issue, he criticised the work of electoral commissions on all the levels and stated that Vladimir Churov did not show enthusiasm to change anything in their work. Moiseyev proposed to Churov to resign. Churovs answer to this was thank you after which he closed the meeting.

YABLOKO leader Sergei Mitrokhin demanded from Vladimir Churov to resign at the commission meeting on December 9, when the commission examined YABLOKOs petition on annulment of the results of the voting at the parliamentary elections of December 4, 2011. Mitrokhin laid the blame for mass-scale fraud during voting on Vladimir Churov.


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Press Release

January 12, 2012

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