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YABLOKO and Muscovites inspected Ostankino park

Press Release

November 19, 2012

Activists of the YABLOKO party, led by party leader Sergei Mitrokhin, together with the residents of the Ostankino district, Moscow, held a public inspection of natural and historical park Ostankino.

The inspection revealed a large number of violations of environmental legislation in the interests of unknown businesses and officials from the administration of the park and the city authorities.

Large-scale works on removal of the soil damaging the ecosystem of the park are carried out in a part of the park.

There are many constructions in the park that are prohibited to be built in parks in accordance with the present law: cafes, restaurants, administrative buildings, saunas and a huge complex for paintball. Most of these objects are not marked on the maps and have no signs. However, after calling one of the phone numbers listed in an advertisement of one of the institutions, the inspection found that the services of this institution can be obtained for a fee.

"In order to avoid the procedure of public hearings, the park administration called all that has been happening in the park renovation. In fact these are capital construction works," says Oleg Sulakadze, a representative of the initiative group of residents of the Ostankino district.

Also the park administration has allowed illegal parkings in the park at a fee of 150 rubles per day. Charging for parking is clearly illegal, because the guard of one of the parkings tried to conceal the fact of taking fees for parking a car from the inspection.

A cafe

Despite the fact that the entry of vehicles into the territory of the park is prohibited by law (and a huge sign on the gates of the park also contains this information), an intensive movement of vehicles was observed in the park.

"The condition of the park demonstrates that the Moscow authorities completely neglect protection of natural systems in the city, as well as the cultural heritage. Because the park has not only natural, but also a historical value," said Sergei Mitrokhin.

Another cafe.

Mitrokhin will send letters to the Mayor of Moscow and the Environmental Prosecutor's Office of Moscow demanding to immediately amend the violations, clean the park from illegal businesses and prosecute those involved in illegal business activities in the park.

YABLOKO's Galina Mikhalyova pointing ata ground for storing of construciton materials in the park.

The YABLOKO party is planning a series of public events targeted at restoring order in the park.

Sergei Mitorkhin and Galina Mikhalyova with local residents.




A parking by the administrative building.

An add: Massage,sauna, piling, bar, snacks.

Part of the parktaken under paintball.

Sergei Mitrokhin by a barrier in front of a fitness centre.


Large vehicles on the territory of the park.


An ad prohibiting vehicles traffic on the territory of the park.


An add on a paintball club.

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Press Release

November 19, 2012

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