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Ombudsman Lukin: Hunger strike over in the Kopeisk prison


November 27, 2012

MOSCOW. Nov 27 (Interfax) - The situation at Prison No.6 in Kopeisk near Chelyabinsk, and in the region as a whole, has returned to normal, Russian human rights commissioner Vladimir Lukin told Interfax.

"We have just talked with our colleagues who said that all prisoners have started accepting meals and voluntarily gathered for a roll-call," Lukin said on Tuesday.

Law enforcement officials earlier denied reports that inmates had gone on a hunger strike, but human rights activists claimed some of the inmates had rejected food.

Lukin said that activists from public oversight commissions, some of whom had been denied access to inmates earlier, have been allowed to enter the prison.

"So, the situation has normalized on the whole, but we continue working," he said.

"Complaints have been received from inmates' relatives about attempted extortion," Lukin said.

Some of the prison personnel complain about low wages. There are other overdue problems that need to be settled. So our representatives continue working there," Lukin said.


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November 27, 2012

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