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Natalia Yevdokimova and Andrei Babushkin become members of the Human Rights Council

Press Release

November 12, 2012

Prominent YABLOKOs activists Natalia Yevdokimova and Andrei Babushkin have been appointed members of the Presidential Council for Civil Society Institutions and Human Rights.

They were recommended to the Human Rights Council basing on the results of an Internet voting. Presidential decree on the appointment of new Council members has been signed and published today.

"The Council has been an effective mechanism, it has revealed to the public many violations of civil rights," said Andrei Babushkin, Chair of the "Committee for Civil Rights" and YABLOKO Bureau member.

"I am convinced that such a large number of human rights activists in this body, its openness to the public, and, I hope, President's attention to this body can help in work of protection of human rights. The Council I will do the same thing [I have been engaged with for many years] - development of the law on public control [over the governments] and spread of the institute of amending judicial errors. We will seek so that the removal of judicial errors would became a part of the Criminal Administrative Code and subordinate legislation and regulations," noted Babushkin.

"Hopefully, it will be easier to work for us because we feel a friends shoulder, says Natalia Yevdokimova, Executive Secretary of the Human Rights Council of St. Petersburg and YABLOKO member. The Council joins together many well-known human rights activists, and for us it is an opportunity to cooperate with them and discuss things with experienced people".

"We know the attitude of our officials to various credentials. But I have managed to solve peoples problems as a private person Natalia Yevdokimova. However, I hope that the status of member of the Human Rights Council will help me to do more," says Yevdokimova.

According to Natalia Yevdokimova, the main issue in her work in the Council, will be migration policy.

"Today, migration issues have been hardly raised and addressed, the [government] prefers to find an enemy, thus distracting people from our domestic problems. In my opinion, we are in a deadlock because the state does not have a clear migration policy. A recently published concept [on migration], and I hope that new laws will be adopted on this basis. This is one of the main challenges I see for myself," she said.

It should be noted that the candidacy of Natalia Yevdokimova was proposed by YABLOKOs Alexander Shishlov, Ombudsman in St. Petersburg.

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Press Release

November 12, 2012

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