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YABLOKO leader spoke at the Moscow Perspectives forum

Press Release

October 27, 2012

On October 27, YABLOKO leader Sergei Mitrokhin participated in the socio-political forum Moscow Perspectives organized by the Democratic Choice party. Other reports on the prospects of Moscow development were made by representatives of the Moscow Mayor Office, political parties, as well as research centres and business associations.

Vladimir Milov, organizer of the Forum and leader of the Democratic Choice party, told about the need to involve Moscow residents in the solution of the different tasks. Milov stated that municipalities lacked real power and bureaucratisation of the city prevented development of small and medium businesses and, consequently, the middle class the major contributor to the city budget. According to Milov, there is a need of a dialogue between the society and experts with the city administration so that to create a strategy of Moscow development. "Moscow can set the right direction to the rest of Russia", said Vladimir Milov.

YABLOKO leader Sergei Mitrokhin developed Milovs idea on the need of political reforms in Moscow. He noted that Moscow laws on municipalities proxies and the laws on the use of land and construction should be improved. "It is impossible to develop the city, if we even do not know how far the buildings should stay from each other. Even the ancient Rome had such rules! " he noted. Mitrokhin also added that Moscow and St. Petersburg were the two cities that even did not have direct mayoral elections.

"The Moscow government in Moscow should create a platform for a dialogue with the public about the development of the city. Public hearings are a good method here. But the chief architect of the city and Sergei Sobyanin [the Moscow Mayor] government apparently believe that Muscovites are not ready for this and do not conduct hearings on the most important issues of Moscow development, " Mitrokhin stressed.

According to Mitrokhin, the focus should not just be laid on Moscow, but also on the neighboring cities - because their development is interconnected. He believes that it is necessary to create a cross-regional joint commissions for the positive development of the cities.

The future for Moscow, according to Sergei Mitrokhin, is in innovation, and innovative technologies should be applied to the urban environment.

Anderi Sharonov, Deputy Moscow Mayor, told about the structure of the budget and the development strategies for the coming years. He noted that development of public transport would be one of the priorities for the coming years. The Moscow budget will allot RUR 400 billion for this in 2013.

Deputy Mayor also expressed his hope to improve the international image of the city. Also he added that a key task for the city government should be promotion of a favourable investment climate in Moscow. Moscow should attract large international corporations gradually become an international financial center.

Sergei Mitrokhin said that city development strategy should be based primarily on the legal framework, which officials try to bypass in realization of their plans. Mitrokhin asked Sharonov about the General Plan of Moscow Development YABLOKO had opposed. The Deputy Mayor agreed that, despite the fact that, the General Plan should be the main document for the city development, the Moscow Government also could not agree to the wrong concepts lying in the basis of the Plan (such as in-fill housing construction) and added that the government had been developing an alternative document.

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Press Release

October 27, 2012

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