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Sergei Mitrokhin demands from the Investigation Committee to file a criminal case on the abduction and tortures of Leonid Razvozzhayev

Press Release

Ocotber 24, 2012

Sergei Mitrokhin demands from Alexander Bastrykin, head of the Investigation Committee, to file a criminal case on the abduction and tortures of Leonid Razvozzhayev, Assistant of oppositional Duma MP Ilya Ponomaryov. (Ed. Leonid Razvozhayaev together with Sergei Udaltsov were accused of preparing a coup detat in Russia with the help of Georgian money after a notorious film The Anatomy of Protest-2 picturing all the opposition figures as criminals). Mitrokhin insists that the criminal case should be opened in accordance with three articles of the Criminal Code abduction (Article 126), threat of murder or grievous bodily harm (Article 119) and compulsion of evidence (Article 302).

Mitrokhin also applied to Sergei Kudneyev, Public Prosecutor of Moscow, demanding to immediately explain the circumstances of the detention of Leonid Razvozzhayev and how it was announced Rozvozzhayaev had voluntarily admitted his guilt and surrendered.

In his letter to the head of the Investigation Committee Sergei Mitrokhin quoted information that Valery Borschyov, renowned human rights activist, member of the Moscow Public Monitoring Commission and member of YABLOKO Bureau, had obtained from Leonid Razvozzhayev. Yesterday night Valery Borschyov and other human rights activists visited the Lefortovo jail and managed to talk to Razvozzhaev.

Leonid Razvozzhaev said that he had been abducted by unknown persons in Kiev and brought to Russia in a minibus. The kidnappers used psychological pressure and threats so that to force Razvozzhayev to write a confession. He was threatened by murder of his family and was deprived of food and sleep. "Such actions can not be described otherwise than torture," Mitrokhin writes in his application. Only after Razvozzhayev had signed a confession was he handed to the Investigation Committee. However, he did not make any confession of a crime to the Investigation Committee.

Sergei Mitrokhin also demands from Sergei Kundeyev, Public Prosecutor of Moscow, to check the facts given by human rights activists, and, due to a large public interest to the case, to immediately give answers to the following questions:

- How and where was Leonid Razvozzhayev detained? How his voluntarily acknowledgement of his guilt and surrender can be confirmed?

- Where and when did Leonid Razvozzhayev announce his voluntary surrender reported by the Investigation Committee? In what premises and when did Razvozzhayev write a confession, if it was done in writing? If the confession was made orally, then what official made a report on this?


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Press Release

October 24, 2012

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