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Ballot-riggers broke a finger to the electoral commission member who tried to prevented stuffing of fraudulent ballots

Press Release

October 14, 2012

Ballot-riggers broke a finger to Ludmila Yegorova, electoral commission member with an advisory vote from the YABLOKO party, who prevented ballot stuffing in the election to the City Duma of Bogoroditsk, the Tula region.

About an hour ago, two young men tried to stuff a package of ballots to the polling box. Ludmila Yegorova, YABLOKOs representative in the electoral commission, managed to prevent it. There turned out to be 80 fraudulent ballots in the package: 40 marked for the ruling United Russia and 40 for candidate Fyodorov.

Representatives of the Tula Region Electoral Commission, Vladimir Dorokhov, chair of the Tula branch of YABLOKO and police came to the site.

However, the ballot-riggers attacked Lyudmila Yegorova and Vladimir Dorokhov and tried to snatch the ballots in the eyes of the police. They injured Yegorovas finger. Ambulance doctors recorded a fracture. Yegorova is in hospital now.

The attackers and the leader of the Tula branch of YABLOKO were taken to the police station. Dorokhov has already written a statement on the facts of ballot stuffing and the attack on him and a commission member. A face-to-face interrogation have to take place soon.

The rigged bulletins are in YABLOKOs office and have not been transferred to the police yet.

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Press Release

October 14, 2012

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