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YABLOKO leaders Sergei Mitrokhin and Grigory Yavlinsky spoke at a rally in Novy Arbat prospect, Moscow

Press Release

March 10, 2012

YABLOKO leaders Sergei Mitrokhin and Grigory Yavlinsky spoke at a rally in Novy Arbat prospect, Moscow. Sergei Mitrokhin gave his time for the speech to Alexei Sklyarov, Editor-in-Chief the Pulse television company in Azov. It is the only independent television company in southern Russia, however, local authorities began pressing the company after Alexei Sklyarov headed the League of Voters in Azov.



"We together with the League of Voters conducted monitoring and control over voting [at elections] across the country. And once again I would like to state that the elections of March 4 were rigged. We are not going to make speeches today, we would like to give the time allotted for our speeches to a unique person - Alexei Sklyarov. He is the head of the only free, independent television company in the southern Russia. His television company has been attacked because he together with YABLOKO monitored the elections," Sergei Mitrokhin told to the protesters.

Alexei Sklyarov pointed at unprecedented pressure at the independent television station established in 1991. "We have a small town, and for a while we were left alone. But now they have been pressing us with redoubled energy. The Boa has called," that is how Sklyarov commented on the actions of the authorities. He also said that on March 13 functioning of the company can be suspended.

"When has Putin told the truth? When he wrote his article saying that we need public television? However, the same week attacks against our company were launched. Putin said "want fair elections", and we created the Voters League. However, the attacks even intensified. When Putin spoke of civil society, we did all that was needed so that the civil society would emerge," Sklyarov said.

In conclusion, he noted that "the authorities are being tested: if a week later our company is not broadcasting , then everything will be clear." "We demand investigation of all the violations se spoke about. We demand freedom of the media. Return us freedom!" Sklyarov said.

Sergei Mitrokhin also told to the protesters, "The television company headed by Alexei Sklyarov is called the Pulse. Let us all together say "Hands off the "Pulse! The participants of the rally chanted this slogan.

Grigory Yavlinsky addressed the participants of the rally with n a brief speech, "Friends, I am glad to meet you again. It is already my sixth speech at a rally for the past three months. I remember every word I said. We will accomplish all this. The road is long and difficult. The victory in the fight will not come soon, but it will come. Russia will be free. Russia demands changes!

Photo: YABLOKO's flags


Photo: "Robocop will clean our Detroit from swindlers and thieves"


Photo: "Transparent as elections"


Photo: the flag for Grigory Yavlinsky as presidential candidate not allowed to run


Photo: Grigory Yavlinsky and Sergei Mitrokhin



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March 6, 2012

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