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Sergei Mitrokhin on a libel case against him: Let us find out in court who from MPs is engaged in unlawful activities running business companies

Press Release

September 30, 2012

Following YABLOKOs inquiries to the State Duma and the Investigative Committee to conduct a fair investigation on all the MPs businesses (in view of the recent deprivation by the United Russia faction of oppositional MP Gennady Gudkov of his mandate under a pretext of his running a business), Vladimir Zhyrinovsky LDPR party threatened to YABLOKO leader Sergei Mitrokhin of going to court and filing a libel case against Mitrokhin. In his letter to the State Duma and the Investigative Committee Mitrokhin had given facts on several United Russia and LDPR MPs.

In his response Sergei Mitrokhin stated that he was pleased that members of the LDPR party had decided to clear up the issue of MPs-businessmen in court. He strongly denied any charges of libel, as his accusation had been based on LDPR MPs income statements and registration of stakes in the State Registry of Legal Entities.
On September 30, LDPR press service issued a statement accusing Mitrokhin of libel indicating that the State Duma Commission for Control over Reliability of the Data Provided by MPs had not found any grounds for conducting an investigation on LDPRs Vladimir Semyonov. However, according to the State Registry of Legal Entities, in 2007 Semyonov being deputy of the State Duma acquired Vityaz TV, and the State Duma was informed of this by Sergei Mitrokhin.

I am glad that members of the LDPR party decided to find out in court who from their faction was engaged in businesses. We will have more opportunities to find out the truth in court, as the State Duma Commission has been working in camera and it is unclear what audits they have conducted, Mitrokhin said.

Mitrokhin also called the accusations of libel absurd. "All the data were taken from the income statements provided by MPs and the Registry. My appeals contained no allegations that they had been engaged in businesses, but proposals to check this fact," he added.

Vladimir Semyonov is one of the of five LDPR MPs who is enlisted in the so-called Sergei Mitrokhins list. The list contains names of 21 MP (whereas 16 of them are members of the ruling United Russia faction). All of them, like expelled oppositional MP Gennady Gudkov, received shares in different companies when they were deputies of the Duma. YABLOKO leader demanded of the Investigative Committee and the State Duma to check MPs businesses and consider withdrawal of their mandates.

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September 30, 2012

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