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YABLOKO candidate to run in the elections in Tver severely beaten

Statement by YABLOKO Chairman

September 26, 2012

On September 25, 2012, Murad Nurmuradov, a lawyer and one of the top figures in YABLOKOs list of candidates for elections to the Tver City Duma was attacked in Tver.

Two unidentified men in masks and camouflage uniforms entered Nurmuradovs office and severely beaten him. Nurmuradov was hospitalized with a head injury, broken arm and other multiple injuries.

According to the results of the audits conducted by Nurmuradov in seven municipal companies, all seven directors of these companies were dismissed and personnel changes in the Tver city administration were underway.

Nurmuradov was member of the Tver City Duma from the CPRF faction, however, left the faction due to discords around fight with corruption.

Members of the Tver branch of YABLOKO - United Democrats do not rule out the political causes of the case an attack against a principled lawyer attorney and increasingly popular politician.

An open attack against a registered candidate is a challenge to the city and its residents.

We demand a thoroughly investigation of this case by the law enforcement.

The goal of the crime was clearly intimidation. But they will not scare us!

Sergei Mitrokhin,
Chair of the YABLOKO party

Murad Nurmuradov, candidate to the Tver City Duma from YABLOKO

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September 26, 2012

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