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Organisational Committee Democratic Petersburg created a permanent democratic coalition

Press Release

September 19, 2012

Coalition "Democratic Petersburg" will coordinate and conduct mass-scale public actions of the democratic forces, as well as other events. In the near future the coalition plans to organise the traditional "March Against Hatred" which normally takes place in late October. In addition, the coalition will support the initiatives and projects of its member organisations.

Also the coalition will continue collection of signatures for per-term elections to the State Duma and the Legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg. This work began at the rally on Saturday.

The coalition adopted a special statement on the Democratic March and a rally that took place on Saturday, September 15.

The statement runs that the Democratic March conducted in St.Petersburg within the framework of the March of Millions on September 15 was successful. The Democratic March joined together the largest number of people as compared to other actions organised by different political forces on that day. Also it proved that the strategy of non-cooperation with nationalists and left radicals was correct.

All the organisations-members of Democratic Petersburg share the same values: priority of human rights and civil equality, adherence to democratic procedures and values, non-violent methods of fight and rejection of fascism, xenophobia and discrimination.

The participants also indicated that being in opposition to the present government and a desire to change the present regime does not provide a basis for cooperation with people who do not share democratic values or propagandise hatred, xenophobia and fascism. Democrats will never facilitate legitimization of such marginal groups through joint rallies.

The coalition also indicated that ideas to unite all the political forces despite of their differing principles and goals as harmful. We believe that the times of the purely negative protest civic activity have passed, and people are waiting for a coherent and positive political programme, and come to street actions not only because they would like to once again hear the "Down with Putin!" slogans, ran the statement.

The participants of the coalition also stated that St. Petersburg had always been a city with a very strong democratic potential. The Democratic Petersburg coalition invited all the public and political organisations sharing democratic values to cooperation. They proclaimed that the collation would function on the basis of openness, democracy and pluralism.

The following organisations participate in the coalition "Democratic Petersburg" as of today:

The YABLOKO party, y RPR-Parnas party, Christian Democrats, the "Civil Initiative" party, the Libertarian Party, the Russian Socialist Movement, the People's Labour Union of Russian Solidarists, the Russian Social-Democratic Youth Union, the Human Rights Council of the St. Petersburg Memorial Society, the "LGBT Initiative", Women Voters League, the Youth Human Rights Group, Heterosexuals Alliance for Equal Rights for LGBT, the public organisation "Soldiers Mothers of St. Petersburg", the Committee for Workers' International, Civil Municipal Control, the Council of Initiative Groups of Hoodwinked Investors of St. Petersburg, the Liberal Union of the Solidarity movement, the Constitutional-Democratic Movement and the "Okhtinskaya Chain" movement.

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Press Release

September 19, 2012

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