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YABLOKO presented its publications at the 25th Moscow International Book Fair

Press Release

September 5, 2012

The YABLOKO party presented its publications at the 25th Moscow International Book Fair, which opened today at the Exhibition Centre.

Irina Kopkina, Deputy Chair of the Moscow branch of YABLOKO, noted that there is no other party which would publish annually dozens of new books, research papers and useful booklets.

Irina Kopkina

Andrei Babushkin, famous human rights activist and Bureau member of YABLOKO, presented his booklet "If you met the police". He stated with regret that most of Russian policemen did not share the idea that a person can not be a tool for the police, but should be always its goal, which was included into the police code of ethics in 2008.

Andrei Babushkin

"We have to daily confront fabrication of criminal cases, unlawful detention of citizens and use of tortures against citizens. In order to change the situation, we need to make great efforts. This brochure is one step towards this. It explains how to deal with the police, how to apply to the police, what to do if your child is interrogated by a juvenile inspector - all these issues are discussed in the booklet," Babushkin said.

Galina Mikhalyova, Deputy Chair of the Moscow branch of YABLOKO, leader of YABLOKOs gender Faction, Bureau member and Executive Secretary of the Political Committee of the party, introduced three publications.

Galina Mikhalyova

One of the books was "The Politics of De-Ecologisation in Russia and the Tasks of the YABLOKO Party", co-edited by Mikhalyova and Alexei Yablokov, a renowned environmentalist and leader of YABLOKOs Green Russia faction.

"The book contains articles from our leading environmentalists and shows that Russia has been pursuing environmentally unfriendly policies targeted at destruction of nature. In the book we have formulated what should be done so that to change this policy, she said.She also presented "The Lessons of the Great Reforms". In 2011 Russia marked an anniversary of the reforms of Tzar Alexander II that moved Russia towards the development of democratic institutions.

"Later Russia entered a new stage marked by the destruction of these institutions, it was a new round of authoritarian development. Certainly, the fact that our country lost all it had already reached is regrettable," Mikhalyova noted.

She also presented one more book "Overcoming Stalinism". The book was written jointly with the "Memorial" human rights organization. Overcoming Stalinism and Bolshevism as a must for modernisation of Russia. The book also for the first time published the so-called "death lists".

"Here we can see how Stalin and Beria signed in pencil the demands to increase the quota for shooting. We are the only party raising the tough question that we need to understand whether Stalin was, according to the Communists, an efficient manager, or an executioner. I must say that the history of the countries successfully building their democratic institutions and market economies shows that progress is impossible without giving an answer to this question, she concluded.

Tatyana Ovcharenko, YABLOKOs expert in the housing and utilities sector and head of the Party School of the Active Citizen, presented her booklet "Your Rights in the Housing and Utilities: How to Run the House and Pay for Utilities". Ovcharenko stressed that the housing and utilities sector in Russia is as corrupt and criminal, as the oil and gas sector. But each of us has to deal with this sector in everyday living.

Tatyana Ovcharenko

"Only YABLOKO has been publishing booklets giving advice to citizens in this field. We have collected here specific recommendations and assessment of the current situation with apartment blocks, recommendations for ordinary people," Ovcharenko said.

YABLOKO leader Sergei Mitrokhin presented the programme on the development of Moscow "A Moscow Breakthrough."

Sergei Mitrokhin

"This is the only programme on the development of Moscow today. I can state that neither the Moscow government, nor any other party has developed such a clear and coherent programme yet," Mitrokhin said.

He also noted that the booklet contained not only a programme for the future development but also a report what YABLOKO had already done for Moscow.

Irina Kopkina, Tatyana Ovcharenko, Sergei Mitrokhin, Galina Mikhalyova and Andrei Babushkin

"We are not simply talking, we are showing that if we make promises, we set goals, we hit them, and we can do it", Mitrokhin said.

Visitors of the Fair can get YABLOKOs books at stand E70 Hall "A" any day up to September 10.

YABLOKO's stand

No comments, Vladimir Zhirinovskys LDPR party stand.






Press Release

September 5, 2012

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