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Grigory Yavlinskys statement prepared for the rally in Novy Arbat* on March 10

March 9, 2012

* Grigory Yavlinsky and Sergei Mitrokhin gave the time of their speeches scheduled for the rally to Alexei Sklyarov, Editor-in-Chief the Pulse company an independent television company in Azov which has been facing reprisals and threats of closure for their active participation in election monitoring.

If I speak at the rally on March 10, I would demanded the following from the authorities:

- release of political prisoners;
- show mercy and pardon those who committed minor offenses;
- stop unlawful prosecution of businessman Alexei Kozlov;
- investigate all the cases of fraud at [parliamentary] elections of December 4 and [presidential] elections of March 4, punish the guilty, completely reform the Central Electoral Commission and dismiss Vladimir Churov, head of the commission;
- immediately consider together with the newly emerging public committees for political reform proposals for the radical change of the electoral system and to adopt such proposals.

We continue fighting for what I and Sergei Mitrokhin spoke about at the rallies on December 10, December 17, December 24, demonstration of February 4 and on March 5:

- complete replacement of the present closed authoritarian, oligarchic, inhuman political system and legal removal of the ruling group headed by Vladimir Putin from governing;
- creation in Russia of a system in which law would be the same for everybody, property - inviolable and the court - independent;
- creation of committees for political reform across the country, freedom of media from censorship and uniting of the democratic forces;
- development of a political, economic, moral and personal ALTERNATIVE to the present regime which would be able to win in a peaceful and legitimate political struggle.

We do not forget anything, do not say meaningless words and will not give up our fight until we hit our goals.

Russia demands changes!

Grigory Yavlinsky

March 9, 2012

P. S. We have a plan of actions, how to achieve our common strategic and tactical goals. We are now preparing the first concrete steps with regard to the present the situation. If you have any proposals, please write to: yavlinsky.shtab@gmail.com


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March 9, 2012

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