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YABLOKOs candidates have to compete against their namesakes at Yeisk elections

Press Release

September 1, 2012

YABLOKOs candidates Alexander and Ekaterina Baturinets have to face an new obstacle in running in the elections in Yeisk, the Krasnodar region. They have to compete against their namesakes (a guard and a shop assistant residing in a different district) at the Yeisk elections.

Election campaign the Legislative Assembly of the Krasnodar region is in full swing - the elections will take place on October 14. The regional authorities have been closely observing campaigning by the candidates from the opposition - the electoral bloc "YABLOKO - United Democrats". Representatives of YABLOKO, the Republican Party of Russia (PARNAS), the Democratic Choice, Solidarnost, and a large number of non-partisan civil society activists and oppositional public figures are on the list of candidates from the bloc. The authorities have begun employing a variety of political strategies to prevent the oppositional candidates from running in the elections.

Alexander Baturinets from Yeisk is one of the strongest candidates from the "YABLOKO - United Democrats" bloc. He is known for the public campaign "Public Protest: for Yeisk without Oil Terminals". He is also a deputy in the Yeisk District Council. Baturinets has been named a leader of the race by public opinion polls being ahead of a candidate from the ruling United Russia by several per cent. His wife Ekaterina Baturinets in running in a neighbouring constituency from the "YABLOKO - United Democrats", she is also member of the Yeisk District Council and an activist of the public movement against stationing oil terminals in the city. Alexander and Ekaterina Baturinets are also candidates to the Council of Yeisk district, these elections will be held simultaneously with the elections to the Legislative Assembly. The authorities intend to do everything possible to Alexander and Catherine were not elected MPs.

The authorities have registered the Baturinets namesakes in the same constituencies so that to mislead the voters and reduce the number of votes given for the opposition.

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September 3, 2012

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