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Organisational Committee "Democratic Petersburg" applies for the "March of Millions"

Press Service of St. Petersburg YABLOKO

August 31, 2012

On August 31, on the first day of submitting an application in accordance with the law, the Organisational Committee "Democratic Petersburg" applied for conducting of the "March of Millions" on September 15.

The public action will consist of a demonstration (a march) and a rally. The march will begin at 1 p.m. , a rally will be held at 2 p.m. The exact route of the procession and a place for the rally will be announced later after obtaining an approval from the city administration.

The demands and slogans of the "March of Millions" in St. Petersburg will be as follows: change of the present political regime, fair elections, protection of human rights, provision of real social equality and protection of historical part of the city. The organizers expect that the number of participants in the march will amount to about five thousand people.

The Organisational Committee "Democratic Petersburg" was created on August 28 and comprises representatives from political parties, social, human rights and political organisations, YABLOKO, the Republican Party of Russia PARNAS, the Christian Democrats, the Libertarian Party, the Russian Socialist Movement, the People's Labour Union of Russian Solidarists, the Russian Social Democratic Union of the Youth, Student Action, Vikhod (Exit), the LGBT Initiative, the Women Voters League, Youth Human Rights Group and the Alliance of Heterosexuals for the Equality for LGBT.

The YABLOKO party and the RPR-PARNAS are officially represented only in the Oranisational Committee of the March of Millions. St.Petersburg branch of the Solidarity movement will consider their participation in the Organisational Committee at its next political council.

The participants of the Organisational Committee "Democratic Petersburg" have agreed to conduct their work openly and invite other organisations sharing the principles of respect for human rights and civil equality, priority of the democratic values and procedures, non-violent struggle, anti-fascism and non-discrimination to join them in the Committee.

The Organisational Committee "Democratic Petersburg" is formed not only for the March of Millions. It also plans to operate on a long term basis and coordinate and organise protests of democratic opposition in St.Petersburg.

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May 22, 2012

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