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Human rights activists Valery Borschyov and Andrei Babushkin are among the first candidates to the new Human Rights Council under President of Russia


August 27, 2012

On Monday the working group of the Human Right Council began examination of CVs of new candidates to the Council.

Renowned human rights activists Valery Borschyov, member of YABLOKOs Political Committee, and Andrei Babushkin, member of YABLOKO Bureau, were among the first persons whose CVs were approved and thus will participate in the Internet consultation.

Collection of applications for participation in the Internet consultations for selection of candidates to the Human Right Council started on July 15 and was over on August 15. Public consultations will begin on September 1 at the official web-site of the Council after all the CVs are examined and approved. Then the candidacies will be submitted to President of Russia for his approval.

The working group will examine about 190 CVs of the candidates. The CVs were forwarded from non-profit organisations, Russian Ombudsman and regional ombudsmen.

According to the presidential decree of 2011, the Council will comprise 40 members.

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August 27, 2012

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