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Sergei Mitrokhin demands from the interior to investigate the lawfulness of policemens actions during detention of Garry Kasparov

Press Release

August 21, 2012

YABLOKO leader Sergei Mitrokhin applied to Anatoly Yakunin, head of the Moscow interior, demanding to conduct official investigation of the lawfulness of policemens actions during detention of Garry Kasparov, Russian opposition figure and ex World Chess Champion, by Khamovnichesky court during the Pussy Riot trial.

In his appeal Mitrokhin refers to the documentary The Term.

The authors of the documentary filmed the detention of the ex World Chess Champion. "Obviously, the police had no reasons to arrest Garry Kasparov," Mitrokhin wrote in the letter. Indeed, during a few seconds before his arrest Garry Kasparov was talking to reporters and was not breaking the law.

Garry Kasparov was detained by Khamovnichesky in Moscow on August17 during the hearing of the court verdict on the controversial action by punk band Pussy Riot at the Christ the Savior Cathedral.

After detaining Kasparov, the Press Service of the Moscow Interior Department informed journalists that Kasparov had bitten the hand of a police officer during the detention. The victim allegedly had to seek help from doctors, who certified his hand injury.

In his letter YABLOKO leader also responded to the initiative of Anton Tsvetkov, head of public organization "Russian Officers", who had proposed to introduce criminal liability for non-obeying police. According to Mitrokhin, another measure should be introduced toughening the liability for policemen for lying.

"First of all police officers must be punished for lying. In can tell that when I or my colleagues were brought to a police department there was not a single case when policemen did not use lies to achieve their goals. Therefore it is necessary to introduce a very large penalty for policemen for lying with their subsequent disqualification from the service," Mitrokhin told to Interfax on Tuesday.

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Press Release

August 21, 2012

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