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Grigory Yavlinsky participated in the memorial ceremony at Piskaryovskoye Cemetery, St.Petersburg

Press Release

May 8, 2012

A memorial ceremony devoted to the 67th anniversary of victory in the Second World War took place at Piskaryovskoye Cemetery, St.Petersburg. Representatives from the city government, veterans and siege survivors organisations, delegations from other countries and cities, representatives of diplomatic corps, different confessions, youth public organisations and thousands of St.Petersburg residents came to the cemetery to pay tribute to those who died in the 872 days long siege of Leningrad.

According to Grigory Yavlinsky, Chair of the YABLOKO faction in St.Petersburg Legislative Assembly, who participated in the ceremony, The city has been feeling the pain from the wounds from the Leningrad siege even decades past the events. Yavlinsky together with other deputies of the faction and YABLOKOs activists laid wreaths and flowers to the monument to the victims of the siege.

The Piskaryovskoye Cemetery contains 126 collective graves with burials of 420,000 civilians who died during artillery bombardments, bombings and from hunger and 70,000 military who defended the city.


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Press Release

May 8, 2012

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