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To release all the detained protestors of the demonstration of May 6!

Statement by YABLOKO Chairman

July 26, 2012

Today Russias Investigative Committee has detained two more protestors of May 6, including Nikolai Kavkazsky, ex YABLOKO activist, member of Committee for Human Rights.

The number of persons made liable and the ways in which the Investigative Committee acts towards the suspects in violation of the laws during the opposition march on May 6, clearly demonstrate that the authorities have been returning to the Stalinist practices of intimidation and reprisals against active citizens.

Already 13 people remain in custody, one under home arrest and two under recognisance not to leave. Not all of them are activists of political or and human rights groups, even a handicapped person and young people under 20 are among them.

Judging by the unprecedented size of the investigation team there may be further arrests. And participation in the opposition march is qualified as a "participation in mass disorders", despite the fact that these events did not fit in the description of mass disorders enlisted in the law. The actions of the defendants and suspects are investigated without taking into account the context of the events, and unlawful actions of the police officers and the situation of self-defence are not taken into account.

According to the testimony of the detainees, their relatives and human rights organisations, citizens whose guilt is not proven are taken to criminal liability. The rights of the accused were continuously violated, many of them were deprived of timely assistance of a lawyer, some were forced to testify against the organizers of the action. Searches were used to press on suspects and witnesses.

At the same time none of the police officers who used violence against civilians was made liable. Moreover, policemen participating in the reprisals at the rally at Bolotnaya Sqaure, Moscow, were awarded bonuses and apartments.

The suspects and the accused were the first victims of authority committed to the suppression of the opposition and active citizens by totalitarian methods and Stalin's unlawful practices. The Russian united Democratic Party YABLOKO demands from the authorities to release of all detainees, conduct investigation and litigation in accordance with the law, and investigate each case of the police violence.

Sergei Mitrokhin,
Chair of the YABLOKO party

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July 26, 2012

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