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YABLOKO leader arrived in Krymsk with a truck of humanitarian aid

Press Release

July 9, 2012

YABLOKO leader Sergei Mitrokhin and Andrei Rudomakha, head of the Krasnodar branch of YABLOKO, arrived in Krymsk, the Krasnodar Territory, severely ruined by flood. They brought a lorry with humanitarian aid to the Aid Centre for victims opened by YABLOKOs activists and the EcoWatch close to Adagumskaya Street 153 on July 6. This part of the city was most affected by the flood.

The party members brought to the aid centre canned food, salt, rice, macaroni, milk, water, tea, baby food, clothes, shoes, soap, other hygiene aids and medicines.

After their visit to Krymsk YABLOKO activists and Sergei Mitrokhin plan to go to other affected areas were help has not arrived yet.

The aid centre in Krymsk distributes humanitarian aid (clothes, shoes, food-stuffs, medicine, etc) from different Russian cities between the residents of the area, renders assistance in overcoming the effects of the disaster and coordinates the actions of civil activists arriving in Krymsk.

On Sunday, July 8, Coordinating Centre organised by the YABLOKO party for rendering aid to the residents of the affected districts opened in Krasnodar. This centre gets collects different types of material aid (but for financial assistance) which is immediately sent to the Krymsk district and coordinates actions of different activist groups engaged in the public campaign of providing help to the victims of the flood.

YABLOKO calls on the residents of Krasnodar to bring food-stuffs (canned food, quick-cooking porridges and soups, sugar, condensed milk, bread, crackers, dried crusts, biscuits, etc.), clothes and shoes for grown-ups and children (including rubber shoes and overshoes), medicines (bandaging materials, cardiants, analgetics, vasodilating means and febricides), warm blankets, drinking water, soap, towels, baby supplies (diapers, baby wipes, baby canned food), flashlights, candles, disposable dishes.


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Press Release

July 9, 2012

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