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YABLOKO modernises its programme

Press Release

June 18, 2012

The 17th congress of the YABLOKO Party ended in the Moscow Region on Sunday. The party's congress approved a new reading of the programme documents of the party, namely "The Democratic Manifesto" and the programme "Russia Demands Changes!" the party was running with at the latest State Duma elections. Both the documents did not undergo any major changes but were only modernised and adapted to the present moment.

The YABLOKO Party named among its new tasks the fight for the abolishment of the tough amendments on the law on rallies, real gubernatorial elections without any artificial restricting filters and a range of initiatives for judicial reform.

The Democratic Manifesto was also changed. This document contains the basic values and the tasks of the party. In the variant of 2006 the Manifesto contained the chapter entitled "Authoritarian temptation as the way to the third world," in which YABLOKO warned that "the attempts to build an authoritarian system in Russia lead the country to a bureaucratic stagnation." In the new variant of the Manifesto this chapter was replaced by another one "The recent decade as an authoritarian deadlock."

"We are saying that the authoritarian temptation is absolutely obvious for us and warned about this. Today we realised that this is not a temptation, but unfortunately it is a forecast of our party that came true," the YABLOKO leader Sergei Mitrokhin affirmed in his speech on the amendment. The new variant of the Manifesto runs that the regime that has been formed in the country is parasitic and can neither create conditions for Russias development, nor change in the changing world.

Grigory Yavlinsky, YABLOKO founder and member of the YABLOKO Political Committee, noted that YABLOKO sees and understands the perspective.

He also said that the goal of all the democrats should be to implement the dreams of the nation: more justice, more kindness and respect to each other and more truth.

According to Yavlinsky, the present government was not going to do it because this did not comply with its interests. So in the current conditions the partys task should be to formulate a full-fledged alternative: an alternative leader, team, political and economic programme and a moral alternative.

Yavlinsky also added that "mere criticism of the authorities is not politics, but just journalism.

The politician noted that YABLOKO would seek for new elections in the State Duma, the Moscow City Duma and probably the St. Petersburg Legislative Assembly.

He also urged "to fill with sense the whole protesting potential and protesting moods, which had emerged in the country over objective reasons."

"Having such clear goals and tasks, we have all grounds to believe ourselves as the leaders of the Russia democratic movement. Our task is to unite all democratic forces and implement these programmes," Yavlinsky concluded.


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