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YABLOKO demands investigation of the actions of the head of Russias Investigative Committee

Statement by YABLOKO Chairman

June 13, 2012

Information about an intimidation campaign launched by Alexander Bastrykin, head of Russias Investigative Committee, against Sergei Sokolov, journalist of oppositional Novaya Gazeta, is extremely alarming.

It provides ample grounds to begin an immediate investigation of what happened on June 4 in Nalchik and the Moscow region.

We demand that such an investigation is conducted and full information on the results of such investigation must be publicized.

We also believe that until the investigation is completed, more attention should be paid to security provisions for Novaya Gazeta journalists.

We support [Editor-in-Chief] Dmitry Muratov, Sergei Sokolov, and the whole team of the paper, their work is extremely important for our country, both for the society and the state.

Sergei Mitrokhin,
Chair of the YABLOKO party


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June 13, 2012

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