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YABLOKO won the first case on election fraud

Press Release

February 6, 2012

The Moscow City Court overruled the decision of Kuntsevsky District Court and declared removal of Aslan Artsuyev, member of electoral commission from the YABLOKO party with a deliberative vote, from polling station 2451.

Aslan Artsuyev worked at the parliamentary elections and was member of the PEC 2451 with a deliberative vote, was removed from the polling station 15 minutes before its closure.

On December 14, Judge Mareyeva considered the Artsuyevs suit and acknowledged the commission's decision on his removal lawful.

According to this judgment Artsuev was removed from the polling station for "performing photo and video recording of PEC members and voters in the absence of expression of consent by the latter and also campaigned for the YABLOKO party and behaved improperly in relation to the commission members." Thus, witness Titova accused him of "pacing around the room along polling boxes and voting booths," and "refusal to bring ballot boxes to the flats of the disablied."

Aslan Artsuev insisted that the law did not stipulate for a removal of a commission member with a deliberative vote from the polling station. However, the district court decided that these "arguments could not be taken into account." At the same time the court stated that Artsuyevs removal from the polling station did not limit his other rights as a commission member

It should be noted that in addition to Artsuev four other people were removed from the polling station: a commission member with a deliberative vote, an observer from the Communist Party and two journalists. Only commission members from the Communist Party and YABLOKO with a decisive vote (who can not be removed by law) managed to remain in the commission. According to Artsuyev, the commission decided to allocate a special table for commission members from these opposition parties so that they would observe counting of the votes from a distance of 10 meters away from the commission members counting votes.

On Friday, February 10, the Moscow City Court will examine another appeal against the decision of the Kuzminsky Court which upheld the removal of Valentina Titova, a Communist Party observer, from polling station No 1523.

The main evidence underlying the decision of the court were statements made by two commission members that Titova had allegedly "interfered with the commission's work, walked about the polling station, as well as had given advice on the commission work. This was the reason for her removal.

The trial will begin in Room 613 at 12:00.

YABLOKOs volunteer lawyers will represent Titovas interests in the court.


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